Kick Off Your New Year With a Massage!

Don't forget to add self-care to your resolutions this January

Kick Off Your New Year With a Massage!

Christmas is done, and resolutions are in! As you think of ways to change your habits with the ‘clean slate’ of the fresh year, don’t forget to prioritize your own health and wellness. And what better way to enjoy some self-care than a rejuvenating massage? Read on to see what’s trending at Bliss this new year 

Seasonal Massage

Melt into this full body hot stone massage that incorporates a natural paraffin alternative onto your back for softer winter skin! This Wax & Stone massage is here for a short time only –  book your appointment today!

60 minutes – $90
90 minutes – $120

New Office Hours

As a reminder, Lauren will be adjusting her schedule to join me on Saturday mornings! Moving back to a Tuesday through Saturday schedule has us excited to be able to offer better availability for our high-demand weekend openings… along with more options for couples wanting to get massages at the same time.

Don’t wait – schedule your Saturday appointments now!

Featured Service of the Month

We are bringing back this feature where each month we will take a deep dive into the variety of services Bliss has to offer. What better option to start with in a chilly month than our Hot Stone Massage?

Hot Stones are the classic ‘fun’ massage. This is by far the most popular specialty people book at Bliss, especially this time of year when the heat feels extra pampering. So what exactly is it?

This massage features heated stones that are placed and/or massaged along your body. It’s an odd analogy, but it creates a pleasant feeling like ‘melted butter’ as the heat from the stones glides along your skin. The addition of heat into the massage helps soothe tired, achy muscles while opening your blood vessels to help aid in circulation while the weight of the stones can be strategically pressed into adhesions to help relieve pressure from your tension areas (if you’re looking for more therapeutic work).

While traditional hot stones are naturally created from basalt, Bliss uses man-made ‘Synergy Stones’ that are designed to be larger (to cover more of your skin while retaining heat longer) and curved to better get into the grooves of your skin (ex: where your neck meets your shoulder, or around your kneecaps).

So who does it benefit? Pretty much anyone. Any massage will have multiple contraindications (conditions in which we can’t safely perform massage), but man, woman, young, old … unless you relish in the cold air and sleep with your windows open in January, you are sure to love this massage!

Curious about hot stones, but not sure you’re ready to try a full service? We also offer this as an enhancement – we will integrate a few stones into your massage, or use a few on a certain area (ex: your back only) so you can sample the benefits and determine if you’d like to try a full service.

Snow Days

As we head into winter weather, please remember safety is priority.

If you have an appointment and the roads are bad, do not hesitate to cancel. There will never be a cancellation fee from bad weather.

(We try to plan ahead of the weather, but pop up storms can surprise us, leaving no time to contact you for appointment changes!)

A Quick Reminder

Did Santa bring more than presents this winter? Do NOT come to Bliss if you’re sick – it’s not safe to receive massage if you’re ill, and due to the nature of our work it’s very easy for us to quickly spread germs to others.

Have a safe and happy New Year’s celebration!


Amanda Rosselot


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