About The Therapist

Are massage therapists licensed?
Yes. Very few states do not require licensure for massage therapists. However, a license IS required in Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio.
How do massage therapists know which muscles are tight?
Throughout training, massage therapists study the body’s muscles through memorization and manipulation. They are highly trained to know where the muscles lie in the body and how a relaxed muscle should feel in comparison to a tense one. Their training also helps them to know the best massage techniques to ease muscle tension from the body.

About Massage in General

What are the benefits of massage therapy?
There are a wide variety of benefits that massage can provide. Certain modalities have different effects, but most commonly massage can increase circulation throughout the body, relieve stress and anxiety, lessen pain and tension, increase range of motion in the joints, aid in better sleep, promote relaxation and even enhance quality of life.
What is the average cost of massage?
In the local tri-state area, an hour massage can range from about $70 – $100. The cost is based on several factors including location, atmosphere, skill, and experience.
Is there an ideal time to schedule a massage?
Massage is beneficial any time, but to achieve the highest benefit from your massage, try to schedule your appointment when you have a few free hours so you can unwind and relax before and after your appointment. Rushing to get to your appointment will make it more difficult for you to relax, and racing to other appointments after your massage will keep you from enjoying the calming benefits that massage can provide.
What are the differences in the types of massage offered?
While Bliss takes the guess work out of your visit with our Signature Massage, you can receive a variation of massage techniques. The most common are Swedish, Therapeutic and Deep Tissue. Swedish is relaxing, while Deep Tissue accesses muscles deep in the body to work out tension. Therapeutic (most common massage) is a pleasant mix of both – combining relaxation with pain relief. For a full description of the services provided at Bliss Massage, visit our services page.
What results can I expect from a massage and how soon will I notice them?
The results of a massage are unique to the individual. It is not uncommon to immediately have a calm, rejuvenated feeling or to feel energized and stress-free. Some people feel soreness in the muscles for a day or two before any pain relief sets in.
Can a single massage therapy session fix my issue?
Typically, no. We acquire symptoms as a result of underlying issues that have developed in the body over time. While one massage may relieve symptoms (pain, stress, etc.), the underlying issues are more difficult to treat. For this reason, it is ideal to schedule your appointments closer together at the start of your treatment until the symptoms are gone, then spread the appointments farther out to help alleviate the underlying issue so that the symptoms do not return.

Beginner’s Massage

What happens during a massage session?
For your first visit, it is recommended that you arrive 10 to 15 minutes early so you have plenty of time to fill out your client intake form unless you have already downloaded and filled out the form (which can be found at the bottom of Bliss’ services page). Your massage therapist will guide you to the private room where you will receive your massage. Here you will have a few minutes with your massage therapist to review any information or questions needed. The massage therapist will then step out of the room for a few moments so you can disrobe to your comfort level and lay on the table according to your therapist’s instructions. Once the massage therapist re-enters the room, your only job will be to relax and enjoy the session. If there are any adjustments that need to be made (such as heat, placement of pillows, music volume, etc.), please tell your therapist. To help you relax, the room will have a calming atmosphere with soothing candles and music. You will be enveloped in soft sheets on a warm, cozy table. The therapist will massage any areas that were discussed prior to your session. Your massage therapist will always keep your body draped with a sheet with the exception of the part of the body being massaged. After the massage, your therapist will give you final instructions and step out of the room so that you can take your time to get off of the table, re-dress and complete your session.
How long should my first massage session be?
Although it can vary, typically an hour is a great length for your first massage. An hour will not only allow enough time for you to relax, but will provide your therapist with plenty of time to find any muscle aches or tension, and to work out any stress from the body. Your therapist can help guide you on how long any follow up appointments should last.
What type of massage should I schedule for my first visit?
It is best to schedule a Signature Massage for your first appointment, unless you are specifically looking for a certain type of modality (such as a hot stones or body masques). After talking with your therapist prior to your appointment, you can change your massage to a different type if needed.
How often should I get a massage?
There is no ideal formula on how often someone should get a massage since it is unique to each person. Your massage therapist can help you develop a personalized treatment plan after working with you during your first visit. Some clients receive massage every 1-2 weeks, others every 4-6 weeks, while several come in every few months.
Why does the massage therapist need my medical history and information?
It is very crucial that the massage therapist knows an accurate version of your medical history. There are many medical conditions in which it is not safe to receive a massage, or to have massage performed on certain areas of the body. Being open and honest with your therapist will help him/her provide a safe, enjoyable massage experience for you. Your privacy is extremely important so your information is considered confidential and will not be shared with anyone outside of Bliss Massage without written permission from you.
What should I do during a massage?
Relax! This is your massage so make it enjoyable for you. While some clients prefer to talk with their therapist during a session, many like to quietly unwind and enjoy the peace and calm of the massage. It is also common for clients to drift off to sleep.
What does a massage feel like?
Depending on the massage that you request, there can be several sensations felt during a session. You may experience more of a relaxing, calming feeling or you may receive heavier pressure and some stretching of the muscles that provides mild, therapeutic discomfort. You will feel a warming and cooling perception if you are receiving special massage modalities. Your massage should never be painful. Pain during massage may actually prevent recovery from any injuries.
How will I know that my massage therapist is behaving appropriately?
Your massage therapist was trained in the proper way to behave with a massage client. You will always be draped with a sheet, and only the part of your body being massaged will be uncovered. However, if you feel that your therapist is acting unprofessionally or unethically, please talk to him or her. Let the therapist know that you are uncomfortable so the session can be appropriately adjusted. If you are uncomfortable to the point that you would like to end the session, please let your therapist know that, too. Your massage should be a relaxing, enjoyable experience.

For Women

Can I get a massage during my menstrual cycle?
Yes. Thanks to the benefit that massage has on circulation, it can be very beneficial to receive a massage while on your cycle. Massage can help calm spasms and cramps, soothe the bloated feeling and even quiet hormones that may flare up.
Is it safe to get massage while I’m pregnant?
Overall, yes. Some health care providers believe that massage should be avoided during the highly developmental stages of the first trimester, so please check with your doctor before scheduling your visit. However, massage is very beneficial to both mother and baby in normal pregnancies.
What kind of massage is best during pregnancy?
As heat can be uncomfortable for pregnant women, specialty services (such as hot stones) are not recommended. The Signature Massage offers a therapeutic or deep tissue feel that are most common among expecting mothers. These massages can provide pain relief that comes with supporting extra weight on the body, muscle and nerve tension relief from the position of the baby in the body, and a sense of overall relaxation.

Preparing For A Massage

What should I do to prepare for my massage?
Before a massage, it is perfectly normal to stick to your daily routine. If you work, it is ok to work as normal. If you exercise, it is ok to do your daily exercise. Try to avoid any strenuous activity outside of your daily routine to keep additional tension out of the body. Please avoid any heavy meals or alcohol directly before or after a massage.
What should I wear for a massage?
The best thing you can do is dress comfortably so that you can relax before, during and after your appointment. During your session, you will be covered with a blanket for privacy. While most people choose to leave on undergarments or nothing at all, a few prefer to leave a pair of shorts or tank top on for the massage. This is your preference, however, if you choose to leave clothes on during your massage, it is recommended that you wear loose articles of clothing so the therapist can work around what you are wearing to provide you with as relaxing of a massage possible.
Should I shave before a massage visit?
While many people worry about whether or not their legs, underarms, or face are smooth-shaven for a massage, hair is naturally very soft and typically unnoticeable to a massage therapist. It is recommended not to shave immediately before a session as the oils and lotions used may irritate the skin.
How should I fix my hair for my session?
Scalp massage is a common practice at Bliss Massage unless a client requests not to have his/her scalp touched. Wearing hair down or loosely pulled back is typically best so the massage therapist does not pull the hair while performing the massage. Hair ties and towels are available to keep your hair off of your body as needed during your session.
Do I need to avoid eating or drinking before my massage?
It is best to avoid heavy meals and drinks directly before or after a massage. A massage can decrease circulation to your digestive organs and increase blood flow to your extremities, causing an uncomfortable stomach feeling during your massage if you eat or drink too much beforehand. It is always a good idea to stay well hydrated after a massage to help offset soreness, and always avoid alcoholic beverages immediately before or after a session.
Can I work out before a massage?
It is perfectly fine to work out before a massage appointment. Massage can be beneficial after a regular workout. Try to avoid strenuous physical activity to avoid soreness and additional tension before your session.
Can I still get a massage if I’m sick?
If you have a fever, are contagious, or only a few days into an illness, it is best to stay home and recover. This is also true of anyone who is vomiting or having urgent restroom needs as well as any bacterial or viral diseases. Recovering at home not only helps you heal quicker and more comfortably, but also prevents illness from spreading to the massage therapist or any clients that may come into the office shortly after you. For this reason, any client who attends their appointment while sick will be subject to Bliss’ $50 cancellation fee if the massage therapist determines the client is too sick to receive his/her massage. Once you overcome the illness, massage may be beneficial – especially if you have been coughing or sneezing (both actions that can injure or irritate the muscles of the body). If you have an appointment scheduled and are feeling sick, you can always call Bliss Massage and talk with your therapist on the appropriate action to take. ***If you have been diagnosed with Covid, cancel your visit until any CDC quarantine guidelines have been met.

During a Massage

What happens when I arrive for my massage?
Once you arrive at Bliss Massage, your massage therapist will escort you to a private room where you will have a few moments to discuss how you are feeling since your last session, any new areas of pain or tension that you would like the therapist to concentrate on, what type of massage you are looking for that day, etc. The massage therapist will then step out of the room while you undress to your comfort level and lay on the massage table per the therapist’s directions. The massage therapist will re-enter the room and proceed with the massage.
Will my massage be a full 60 or 90 minutes?
Yes. Bliss Massage strives to give you the full value of your time and money so the length of time you reserve is the full amount of time you’ll receive. It is best to plan on being at Bliss Massage for 15 minutes longer than your scheduled appointment time to allow you plenty of time before and after your appointment. The only time your massage will be cut short of the scheduled time is if you are running late – Bliss needs to stay respectful of each appointment, and if you are late to start your treatment, the massage may be cut short in order for your massage therapist to stay on time for any other clients coming to the office that day.
Do I need to undress completely?
No. While many clients prefer to undress completely to allow the massage therapist access to all of the body muscles (such as the glute and spinal muscles), there are a few people who choose to leave on undergarments, shorts and/or a tank top. If you choose to leave clothes on during your massage, please wear loose clothing so that the massage therapist can work around them if needed.
Will my valuables be secured during my massage?
It is recommended that you leave any valuables at home so that you don’t leave them behind in your ‘haze’ of relaxation. However, you will be able to keep any belongings securely in the room with you throughout your session.
Will I be covered during my session?
Yes. The massage therapist will practice conservative draping techniques and will only uncover the part of the body that is being massaged.
What parts of my body will be massaged?
A full body massage consists of massage to the scalp, face, neck, shoulders, back, hips, buttocks, arms, hands, legs and feet. Please tell your massage therapist prior to your session if there are any parts of the body you prefer not to have massaged, or that you would like to focus the massage on. Please be aware that while your massage therapist can focus your massage to one area of the body, it is often beneficial to have other surrounding body parts massaged due to the way the muscles and surrounding tissue attach and overlap (Ex: if you are having low back pain, massaging the legs may relieve some of the pressure because some leg muscles connect at the same area as some low back muscles).
What oils will be used?
Bliss Massage uses high quality products that are paraben-free and cruelty-free. Although the massage crèmes, lotions and oils are typically hypoallergenic, it is very important that you let your massage therapist know about any allergies or sensitivities that you have to products or scents, so that your massage can be adjusted accordingly. Other scents and products may also be added to your body throughout your massage to enhance your session.
How much pressure will the therapist use?
This varies on each individual and their needs. Your therapist will use their best judgement to give you an appropriate amount of pressure. It is always ok to let your therapist know if the pressure needs to be adjusted to provide you with a better overall experience.
Is it ok to talk to my therapist during my session?
Absolutely. Since massage is such a personal service, some people feel more comfortable and relaxed when they can communicate with their therapist during a session while others relax better with the peaceful tranquility that a calming massage can provide. Feel free to let your massage therapist know if you prefer a quiet massage.
What should I do if I’m ticklish?
Having ticklish or sensitive areas of the body is normal (typically the feet or underarms). Do not hesitate to tell your massage therapist about these areas before your session, or during the massage as you notice them. Your therapist will adjust the pressure or avoid the area completely to accommodate you and help you feel more comfortable during your massage.
What should I do if I feel self-conscious or uncomfortable?
This is extremely common as almost everyone has an area they are concerned about. Although your massage therapist has been trained to work on many different body types and conditions, if you find that you are not enjoying the benefits of massage due to your concern of massage on a certain area, talk to your therapist about adjusting the massage around that part of the body.
What if something embarrassing happens?
When the body is relaxed natural reactions can occur – whether we want them to or not. Your massage therapist has had training and experience on how to keep you comfortable and relaxed despite an awkward situation.

After A Massage

What happens at the end of the massage?
Once your massage has ended, your therapist will leave the room so you can slowly sit up, re-dress and exit the room. The massage therapist will meet you outside the room to see how you are feeling, offer you some water, and discuss any recommended follow up plans. At this point, your session is over and your massage therapist will escort you to where you can pay and reschedule if needed.
What should I do after I get a massage?
After your massage, it is best to take some down time if possible to relax and continue enjoying the benefits of your session. During this time, it is also advisable to re-hydrate and drink water to flush toxins from the body.
Do I need to leave a tip?
Although it is appreciated, it is never required. Most clients commonly tip anywhere from 20 to 30% of any pre-discounted rate; however, tipping is at the client’s discretion.
Do I need to shower after a massage visit?
Although a bath or shower is not necessary, it does help to enhance the benefits of massage. The heat of a bath or shower can also help soothe any muscle tension you may still be experiencing as well as to remove any oils that are left on your skin from your session.

About The Location

What’s the environment like at the massage location?
Bliss Massage makes quality service its top priority. The moment you walk into Bliss, you will be greeted with a calm, peaceful atmosphere that allows relaxation to come naturally and easily. Comfortable seating invites you to unwind before a massage, and after you experience the luxurious feel of your treatment, you will have the option to sit and relax as you regain focus before going back to the reality of your everyday life.
What kind of parking is there?
Bliss is located on Walnut Street in Lawrenceburg, Indiana with street parking directly in front of the building.
How do I cancel an appointment?
If you need to cancel an appointment, please do so as early as possible (with a required minimum of 24 hours) to allow time for your appointment to be filled by another client. Any cancellation, rescheduled, or missed appointment made within 24-hours is subject to a $50 late-cancellation fee. Bliss Massage reserves the right to charge for any appointments that are late-cancelled or missed without notice, and can prohibit a client from scheduling if this becomes a continuing problem.
What types of payments are accepted?
Bliss accepts cash and most major credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express). Unfortunately, Bliss does not accept any checks at this time.
How long are gift certificates good for?
Bliss Massage Gift Certificates are valid for five years from the date of purchase.