About Bliss

Proudly supporting the Southeastern Indiana working community

Bliss Massage provides tailored massage services to fit your needs!

Bliss Massage opened its doors in 2016 to bring quality massage therapy to the Dearborn County area. We pride ourselves in customizing treatments to give you the most benefit in your daily life -whether you are looking for an experience that is soothing and calming, invigorating and energizing, or a healthy combination of medicinal and pampering. We aid your relaxation by offering a spa-like atmosphere, while still focusing on the therapeutic benefits that will keep you feeling well long after your visit is over.

Meet Our Therapists:

Amanda followed her calling to help people feel better along their journey in life by becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist in 2008. After practicing in various locations around the Greater Cincinnati area, she knew it was time to provide massage closer to her hometown in Indiana by opening Bliss.

Lauren became a second-generation Licensed Massage Therapist in 2023 and joined the Bliss team shortly after. Her natural skill and tranquil presence as a massage therapist continues to allow her to flourish in this career path. She has enjoyed meeting and getting to know people in the community after moving to Dearborn County.


Designing Your Massage Treatment - the process

Whether this is your first massage, or you are a long time believer of the perks massage can provide, see below how a visit to Bliss Massage will go.

When you arrive at Bliss Massage, you will be greeted and escorted to your massage room. If this is your first visit to Bliss, you may have to fill out some paperwork about you and your medical history. Don’t worry – any information you give the therapist, verbal or written, is extremely confidential and will not be shared outside of Bliss Massage. After this, you will have a few minutes to privately talk with your massage therapist about any information either of you needs to know before starting your session.

Your massage therapist will give you instructions on how to get ready for your session. You will have a few private moments to get on the table and start relaxing. Your therapist will enter the room, and the massage will begin. You can choose to talk or quietly drift off while the tension is worked from your body. Throughout your session, you will be cocooned in soft, warm sheets. You will be completely covered with a drape except for the part of your body being massaged. Soothing music will quietly play in the room to help calm your mind.
Once your massage is over, the therapist will step out of the room to allow you a few private moments to slowly get off of the table and re-dress. When you are ready, you can leave the room where your massage therapist will meet you to see how you are feeling. You may take a few minutes to discuss any follow-up with your therapist at this time. This could include any at-home self-care or when it would be best for you to schedule your next massage. At this point, your session is over and you will be able to pay for your session and reschedule if needed.


Here are just a few of the types of services you will find at Bliss.

Traditional Services

From classic swedish massage to deep tissue, Bliss provides the perfect tailored service to fit your massage needs.

Heated Services

Through hot stones, warm bamboo, or a steamed compress, Bliss offers the perfect heated treatment for you.

Spa Services

Body Masques and Body Polishes are available when you are looking for a little extra pampering and silky, soft skin.