COVID-19 precautions

Bliss is committed to the health and safety of all clients. Read on for details as to how we are handling the Coronavirus outbreak.

COVID-19 precautions

Quality care has been and always will remain the top priority at Bliss Massage. With that in mind, I have diligently been working to keep a safe environment for all my clients. On top of keeping up with the latest updates from official press releases and websites, I have been (and will continue to be) adding additional safety precautions to Bliss over the next several weeks while we continue to grasp the seriousness of this pandemic.

I was already planning to take time away from Bliss this week (Sunday, March 15 – Saturday, March 21st). Having this week will allow me time to incorporate extra preventative measures. Moving forward, each day I will monitor the state of the country to determine if I can continue to provide a safe environment for every customer that comes through my door. I will be in communication with all clients due to come into Bliss, and will ask questions to determine whether it is safe to come to his/her session. I will also discuss the state of my health as this needs to be an ongoing two-way trusted communication.

At this point in time, I will be waiving all late-cancellation and no-show fees. While it’s always a policy at Bliss to waive this fee for an illness or emergency, I want to reassure everyone that there will be no repercussions for a last minute decision due to health or financial strains caused by COVID-19.

You will also see changes around Bliss as I take extra care to reduce the risk of contamination in my practice. A few examples of this include:

-Additional sanitizing stations will be placed around Bliss to encourage healthy habits.
– Non-essential items will be removed from Bliss altogether, or pulled aside and available by request only (ex: hair ties and refreshments).
-All credit card payments will be taken manually to eliminate risk of contamination.
A few minor changes will also be made to the massage themselves, such as:
-Eye pillows will no longer be used when laying supine.
-Heated pads will no longer be placed on the back when laying prone.
-Facial massage will only be performed by request, and gloves will be worn.
-Certain Specialty Services that require tools will temporarily be removed from my menu (while I always clean any used tool to the highest standard, this small step will entirely eliminate risk of contamination.)

I understand that some of these measures may seem extreme, but it’s not only your health I have in mind when making these tough decisions. I have been blessed to have over 500 customers visit Bliss in my three short years. Many of these clients are elderly or have pre-existing conditions that make them most susceptible to contract COVID-19. Since Bliss isn’t exactly a place where ‘social distance’ is a possibility, I need to take every advantage possible to fight this with precaution now before it becomes a problem for everyone later.

Thank you for your time and understanding as we work through this together.
-Amanda Rosselot, LMT-
Owner & Licensed Massage Therapist

For more information on COVID-19, it’s symptoms, what to do if you have it, or how it’s impacting our economy, please utilize the following links:

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