Bliss is Reopening this June!

Find out all the information you'll need to know before your next appointment at Bliss

Bliss is Reopening this June!

I am very happy to announce that Bliss will be reopening on June 15, 2020!

Coming back from the COVID-19 pandemic, there are many cautions to take into consideration. For example, with both health safety and government compliance in mind, services will be by appointment only, with no more than four clients per day to allow plenty of additional time for cleaning and ventilation throughout Bliss after each appointment.

I will first be scheduling clients who had appointments cancelled due to the outbreak before moving to clients that purchased packages, gift cards, or reached out about appointments these past months. Once I’ve made it through those lists, I will book new appointments as possible when requested.

Read on for the new rules and requirements I’ll be putting in place once Bliss is back in business, and as always …
Thank you for your continued support and cooperation!

Requirements for your next visit to Bliss

1) When scheduling an appointment, all clients must be willing to submit to a verbal health screening (are you sick; have you had a recent cough or fever; etc).

2) Since massage cannot be performed from six feet away, all clients will be required to sign a COVID-19 waiver to acknowledge they are aware of and accept the risks for receiving massage during this time.

3) All customers will be required to wear a face mask while inside Bliss Massage, including while on the massage table. Any customer unwilling to wear a mask will be turned away.

4) In an attempt to limit the amount of time a client is inside the Bliss office, all customers will be asked to do as much online or over the phone as possible, such as paying for services and rescheduling. (This is not a requirement, but is strongly recommended).

5) The 24-hour cancellation fee will be waived for ANY customer who’s feeling ill or waiting on results from a COVID-19 test, even if the cancellation is made the same day as the appointment. If it’s discovered that a client has been deceptive of alerting Bliss to any symptoms or pending tests, that client will not be allowed to return to Bliss Massage in the future.

Some of the ways Bliss is keeping you safe

1) Cleaning and disinfecting habits will continue to the highest standard, as always, to provide a sanitary environment for each customer.

2) Additional time will be scheduled between appointments to allow additional cleaning and air circulation into the treatment room between appointments.

3) Any elderly or vulnerable client may request his/her appointment to be the first scheduled of the day (please keep in mind these slots are limited, so you may need to schedule out in advance).

4) Some items will be removed from customer contact and only available on request, such as water, snacks, emergency grooming supplies, etc.

5) As stated above, face masks will be required (by both customers and staff) while in Bliss. Anyone unwilling to comply will be turned away.

6) The massage itself may feel different as I’ll no longer use certain materials that take too much time to disinfect if in contact with COVID-19 (such as heated back warmers, eye pillows, and the top blanket). Alternatives to these items will be available on request to keep you comfortable throughout your service.

7) Facial massage will only be available on request, and I will wear gloves to perform this part of a service.