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Swedish Massage

Experience the ultimate relaxation when you escape the chaos of daily life with this calm and soothing massage. While Swedish Massage incorporates long, flowing movements onto your body, other techniques may be used, such as kneading and stretching of your muscles. Swedish Massage is very beneficial for decreasing stress, increasing circulation, and improving your immune system.


*30- and 120-minute appointments available by request. Please call for details.


Therapeutic Massage

Relieve tension and soreness from your body with this popular massage modality! Therapeutic Massage is considered the “happy medium” of massages due to its versatility. Request a massage that is focused on the area(s) where you are experiencing pain and discomfort, or ask for a full body massage with extra attention to stressed parts of your body. Along with the relaxing benefits of this massage, other physical benefits can be obtained, including decreased muscle tension and headaches or increased range of motion and posture.


*30- and 120-minute appointments available by request. Please call for details.

Deep Tissue Massage

This invigorating method works pain from your body by focusing on the deeper layers of muscle and tissue. The Deep Tissue Massage uses heavy pressure and slow, deliberate techniques to benefit anyone who suffers from chronic pain or injuries, high blood pressure, and fatigued muscles. This massage is ideal for anyone looking to relieve physical and muscular discomfort.


*30-minute appointments available by request. Please call for details.


Hot Stone Massage

Hot stones enhance your massage by quieting sore, tired muscles while providing you with a luxurious, deep relaxation. Your massage therapist will begin by placing several stones on you to allow heat to soak into your body, and will then massage you with additional stones to complete this rejuvenating experience. The grounding force of the stones dissolves stress and tension to improve your circulation and mood while also relaxing chronic pain or spasms.


*120-minute appointments available by request. Please call for details.

Cold Stone Massage

Enjoy the therapeutic benefits that this frosty massage has to offer. Cold Stones are a great way to reduce inflammation, calm a migraine, or help regulate a person’s body temperature. This massage is practiced similarly to its toasty Hot Stone counter-part in that the stones are both placed and massaged onto the skin. However, Cold Stones are more commonly applied to your face to reduce the size of pores and blood vessels while producing a cooling effect that can be felt throughout your body.


*120-minute appointments available by request. Please call for details.

Hot and Cold Stone Massage

The firey-ice feel of both Hot and Cold Stones in this massage provides a refreshing experience that helps to enhance circulation. The contrast of hot and cold causes your blood vessels to automatically open and close which allows blood and oxygen to flow to all parts of your body. This can stimulate organs and remove impurities while also firming skin and relaxing you. This massage can provide the same feeling as jumping into a hot tub after being outside on a cold winter day.


*120-minute appointments available by request. Please call for details.

Bamboo Massage

Rejuvenate your body and mind with this warm delight. Bamboo Massage is quickly becoming one of the most popular trends in massage, and with good reason. Your massage therapist will use heated Bamboo sticks to provide a warm, satiny feeling along with deeper pressure. Bamboo Massage carries many of the same benefits as Hot Stone or Compress Massages, but the Bamboo can also help to improve skin quality and relieve muscle pain and tension.


*120-minute appointments available by request. Please call for details.

Thai Herbal Compress Massage

This deluxe treatment delivers heat and aromatherapy to your session with the application of a steamed compress. The heat of the Thai Herbal Compress encourages relaxation in your body and increases circulation while the herbal blend inside the compress helps to cleanse your system of toxins. The application of the compress is used in combination with traditional massage and stretching techniques for a completely soothing experience.


*120-minute appointments available by request. Please call for details.

Coconut Compress Massage

Savor the scent of a tropical paradise with the Coconut Compress Massage. The silky feel of this heated compress is a true delight to your body and mind. Experience the hydrating, antioxidant benefits of coconut on your skin. Similar to the Thai Herbal Compress Massage, the Coconut Compress is steamed and applied to your body along with conventional massage techniques and stretches.


*120-minute appointments available by request. Please call for details.

Body Polish

Refresh your body with this aromatic exfoliation treatment. The Body Polish cleanses you of old impurities and enhances new cell growth. Revive your skin’s glow the second you feel this sweetly scented scrub. The Body Polish service is beneficial on its own, as the service provides both an exfoliation and a finishing moisturizing crème to your body. It can also be an addition to any other Bliss service.


Body Masque

Renew and cleanse your skin while feeling pampered with the Body Masque. In this lightly scented treatment, a body mud is applied before you are wrapped in warm blankets and given time to unwind. The Body Masque promotes new growth for undernourished skin that leaves it feeling soft and smooth while allowing nutrients to soak into your skin and toxins to be removed. A full body Swedish or Therapeutic Massage is included with each Body Masque.


*There is limited availability for 120-minute sessions. Please call for details.

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal Massage is a great way for you to feel comfortable while preparing for your little miracle! Improve sleep quality and circulation while relieving pain, fatigue, stress, swelling, muscle tension, and cramps. Your massage therapist will provide you with comfortable pillows throughout your session, and will encourage you to be vocal about your comfort level during your massage.

Despite all of the benefits to pregnancy massage, there are times when it is not advised. For this reason, Pregnancy Massage will ONLY be practiced on women who are at least 12 weeks pregnant and are not a high-risk-pregnancy.


*30-minute appointments available by request. Please call for details.

Youth Massage

Allow your child to experience the same benefits of massage that you receive. A Youth Massage can be either relaxing or therapeutic, depending on your child’s needs. Since so many children today have daily stress in their lives – homework, heavy backpacks, sore muscles from sports, growing pains – massage can be a great way to keep them calm and relaxed on their journey to adulthood. This massage is ideal for any child who is being introduced to massage or has already experienced the perks that it can offer.


*30-minute appointments available by request. Please call for details.

Bliss Enhancements

Give your massage some flair with Bliss Enhancements. Enhancements provide a fantastic way to tailor your massage by adding techniques into your session. Sample some of the services that Bliss has to offer. Add one or add several – it’s up to you!

  • Aromatherapy
  • Hot Stone
  • Cold Stone
  • Bamboo
  • Cupping
  • Body Brushing
  • Foot Scrub
  • Eco-Fin – NEW TO THE MENU!


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